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For a long time, neighboring rights has remained a nebulous subject for production music writers. Rident has been among the first agencies to outreach to the production music community and advocate for their neighboring rights.

The Problem

Each neighboring rights CMO has different laws and standards regarding the eligibility of production music for neighboring rights protection. Production music is not eligible with some CMOs (ex. PPL), and as a result, royalties remain unclaimed if you join these CMOs as a worldwide member.

Rident’s Solution

As each CMO has different policies and claims implementation standards, a direct approach is required in each territory.

With direct affiliations and daily workflows with every major CMO internationally, and with deep knowledge of the local legislation/distribution rules, we offer an effortless process to maximize your neighboring rights earnings internationally.

Rident Solution
What Rident Does

What Rident Does

Rident registers your repertoire to the exact specifications of every territory’s CMO directly, ensuring you receive your full neighboring rights revenue

Why Rident?

Rident is an independent agency with global reach.  We have experience working with every major CMO in the world, as well as experience of former employees of CMOs.

Rident works off a pre-determined commission of royalties collected, with no hidden or upfront fees.

Why Rident?
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